50 Days of Silence

50 Days of Silence – that’s what it might have looked like to those who read my blog. Why no posts for 50 days?

Was it writer’s block? No

Was it that there was nothing to comment about? No

Have we exhausted every topic for business improvement, quality management, project management or related topics? Of course not. (You’ll have seen articles from me in other publications.)

In all portfolios of projects there are times when you must simply concentrate on the work and decisions in hand.  Thinking takes effort and time. Getting a decision right takes research, so of the key questions for me are: What do we really want the outcome to be and does that fit with our strategy? Is that possible given the state of the art? Do we have the resources? Can we really start from here and if not how do we get to the next step?

How often do you set aside time to truly review the balance of your portfolio and properly think about where to go next?

And don’t forget, you may need to look at your personal portfolios too: your business, your projects, your career development, your personal “life” portfolio.

Giving yourself space and time to do that may mean scheduling some time away from the daily cycle of tasks and making space to consider your options.

So, that wasn’t silence, that was me getting inspiration and using those insights to spring clean my portfolios. Others might call it a comprehensive management review.  Either way, it is much easier to see a path forward you can take with confidence once that is done.