Project Managers Must Communicate

The technology to communicate is in place and the project plan includes activity to make sure that important communication happens. The project assurance team have no concerns about your plans.  You are content with what you have done.

That is not enough.  Read more of this post


Discussions about Project Management

 I have seen 3 post and had 2 discussion this week (it is only Tuesday!) that suggested we should be more consistent about project management and not confuse people.  Agile method followers insist waterfall is dead and should be buried. Others say Agile is about product development and not project management and should get out!  There is a drive for consistency and conformance: “all businesses need to be run by project management”, “we need one method”

These are frustrating conversations and damaging to business and the project management profession.  They are also naïve. Read more of this post