Scaleablity: strength or weakness?

One of my current projects is the consolidation of a diverse collections of legacy “systems” into one end-to-end integrated business system. Why are we doing it? Efficiency.  The organisation can streamline its operations and free staff to concentrate on the higher value work they never get to do at the moment (because they are doing things to join up the current systems manually.)  Scalability will be a strength for this system. Read more of this post


7 Tips for Implementing CMMI

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model)  is used in a number of businesses to help improve how they work.  It was started in the technology industries and with big organisations but you could apply parts of it to your organisation. The point is to get your organisation to do things in a predictable way (giving benefits in being able to estimate what new work will cost) that is measured so you can make business decisions based on real information not guess-work.  There is another blog that talks about the structure of CMMI. Oh yes, the model is free to use but if you want a badge for your business, you’ll have to pay a qualified assessor. Read more of this post

new #ukgov looks at #IP, internet and #Data

One of the latest POST (United Kingdom Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) reports looks at the new government’s intentions. Read more of this post

The Delivery of Benefits is moderated by Risk and Quality

Three Triangles Performance – what we’re about – is quality of work, excellence in delivery, and business improvement delivered through programmes, projects and processes. In the triangles used to describe programmes, projects and processes there are two words that seem to link together all the work and cost and product to moderate how we deliver the benefit of every thing we do.  Those two words are risk and quality. Read more of this post