Non-participation in project meetings

You have gathered your whole team for a meeting. It is important to get them all in a room from time to time but that is a lot of people. You’ve had to hire a cinema or conference hall.

You want it to be engaging but you don’t seem to have all their attention. You know your presentation skills are OK and that they are interested to hear what you have to say because they asked you to explain this bit. Read more of this post

Prioritising Projects : a project manager’s dilemma

In an ideal organisation, project managers have an understanding of the organisation’s project portfolio and don’t have to prioritize one project over another: it is very clearly led by senior management.

Some methods assume that project teams should only work on one project at once.

There is sometimes an unfortunate reality: the project manager has to make an interim decision on which to project to prioritize. Read more of this post

Business Case: Benefits and Costs

A business case is the statement of benefits and costs that is used to measure just how viable a programme or project is for the organisation.

In the early steps of a project, there will be a need to do some work to look at the options for the project’s approach and ball park costs. Sometimes, this will  be a considerable amount of effort and it will be assumed that the project has entered its planning phase. The project will come to the attention of an auditor, quality manager or PMO professional who will say that work should not continue as there is no business case for the project. They are right but about the wrong thing. 

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Blueprint for Success

A team at Warwick Business School has surveyed 500 above average trading performance businesses employing between 20 and 250 staff.

These business had these approaches in common:

  1. Striving for growth – seeking to increase sales
  2. Managing flexibly
  3. People planning – skill needs and focus on staff development
  4. Marketing – reach new customers with broadcast
  5. Research and development – technology, new ways of doing business
  6. Process changes – reducing costs, improving service quality

How does this apply to programme management, change management or project management?   We can use these to consider things we might need to plan to under pin the success of our projects. Read more of this post

new #ukgov looks at #IP, internet and #Data

One of the latest POST (United Kingdom Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) reports looks at the new government’s intentions. Read more of this post

Sometimes the little guy has the lasting impact

Ptolemy V was not a ruler of a great nation. In fact, he was such a minor player in his region that to reach the people who mattered to his reign, he had to write in three languages.  He was only 13 but he managed to get enough momentum behind him to maintain his throne and build a cult around him. When he died, the binding of his nation started to crumble further.

However, in the twentieth and twenty-first century he has had a much bigger impact than any of his bigger hitting peers because his communication needs. Read more of this post