Organisations working on change need to make things happen in three key areas:

  • strategic change,
  • deliver tactical impacts,
  • efficient and effective working practices. 

The modern excellent organisation has this sorted. 

Strategic change is often executed in programmes containing projects and other initiatives. This triangle is usually described in terms of cost, benefit, and risk.

Projects deliver tactical impacts and things (products) to make change happen.  The project triangle is about time, cost and quality.

Business working practices are about the co-ordination of people, technology and the defined processes themselves.

We call putting it all together excellence or Three Triangles Performance.  Excellence may take longer but we have the experience, insights and techniques to drive change for an organisation making that step. 

We give independent and knowledgeable support to the Board in choosing the right portfolio and becoming great sponsors of excellent programmes.

This blog is written by our CEO, Carol Long.

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