Its all about confidence

Over the last few days I’ve done a review of an important document for a project. I’ve had other people review it too.  It is a good document but because so much hangs on it being right, we may have put in more quality checks than we probably needed – to make sure the project board has confidence.

In the last few months the new (just under 3 months old, but it feels like more) UK government have made cuts in the organisations that look at the efficiency and effectiveness of local government bodies and scrapped the Audit commission (which published a rush of reports over the last few days – see the updates panel bottom right at ).  Their demise has prompted a debate about what such bodies and what they contribute here: I’ve added a comment to it here:  please do likewise.

But confidence is more than the result of risk management or audit. It is the raw material for positive action.  The recent news stories about the statistical likelihood of a double dip recession have been balanced by reports that consumer confidence will hold the market up and buck that trend.  Confidence is what makes people quit their job to start their own business.

 Confidence is what encourages project teams to start a long journey to a distant target with the first few steps.


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