Planning Stakeholder Communication

The main part of the communication plan is for communication with stakeholders.

Some preparatory work is needed:

  • who the stakeholders are 
  • what information they can give
  • their areas of influence 
  • their information needs

Think about how to have good consultations and relationships with stakeholders.  What is the best outcome the project can get and what is the worst situation it can succeed in? How can you structure project communication to get more of the good and as little as possible of the bad?

When is a good time to communicate with them? In schools, the first and last weeks of the academic year are too busy for your project to be a priority. Some organisations close for certain weeks each year. Some stakeholders may be in a different time zones: early morning meetings are the middle of the night for them.

Now consider how the project needs information from the stakeholders and when it can best deliver the information the stakeholders need.


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