Adoption of technology curve

The adoption of technology has a curve: leading edge, fast followers, a drop off where some of the fast followers become disillusioned, the technology matures and around 80% of the market place suddenly appears, before a decline as the world moves on.

This curve was documented by EW Rodgers, you may find his book (and one by Paul Sloane) interesting.

It is so easy for leaders or fast followers to forget they are in that role until the mass market catches them up and they feel like they are repeating themselves.

I think Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is reaching the mass market.  Many organisations have tried it over the last few years – unfortunately, not always successfully.

How many organisations have the sort of systems the technology experts are talking about? How many of them working well?  I think that is beginning to change.  The vendors seem to have gone through some pain and now have more understanding of what businesses need and organisations seem ready to accept that they may need to change the way they work to get the best from these systems.

How many people turning up to presentations gurus are finally beginning to really understand what that guru (and those like me who have been there for a long time) feel like they’ve said for 10 years.

When the mass market pick up a way of working, the fast followers finally understand how to make these projects truly successful, and the bleeding edge seem to be after their 3rd or 4th implementation or major improvement.

Now the mass market has caught up, the thought leaders must simply recognise that they are retelling the story for those that missed it the first time round. The world is now ready to listen.

Then they must move on: what is the next lesson for the fast followers?


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