Who are masters of risk management?

At a recent meeting of managers from a number of sectors, there was a discussion about risk management and the professional bodies and qualifications.

The programme managers from the public sector were talking about OGC’s Management of Risk (M_o_R).

Educationalist spoke about the need for risk assessment in everything they do.

Engineers talked about the many options for structured identification of risks, including FMEA, ergonomics and process reviews.

There was a group of project managers debating the merits of RAMP, APM and PMI practice standards.

From the financial sectors spoke about how risk is on every calculation and strengthening regulation around risk.

There was a discussion about risk attitudes and appetite:  if they are contextual or cultural.

Then should a risk manager join Institute of Risk Management (http://www.theirm.org/) or the global association ( http://www.garp.com/ ) or one of the american groups.

Of course, the qualifications were as diverse and included M_o_R, IRM, Chartered Insurance Institute, and nearly every associated professional body we’d discussed.

There are so many options. Some of them are truly specific to a context in a sector. Others are simply a different way of saying the same thing.  Either way, it is confusing for those recruiting risk management talent. If only we could get some international co-ordination to resolve this.


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