12 Question Appraisials for High Performing Teams

Gallup author Marcus Buckingham (and his co-authors at the Gallop Management Journal http://bit.ly/gallopmgt) has suggested that high performing people could answer these questions positively when thinking about their work context:

1. do I know what is expected of me

2. do I have the materials and equipment to do it properly

3. do I have the opportunity to do what I am best at every day

4. have I received praise or recognition in the last 7 days

5. does my supervisor seem to care about me as a person

6. is there someone who encourages my development

7. do my opinions seem to count

8. does the company mission make my work feel important

9. are my co-workers committed to doing quality work

10. do I have a best friend at work

11. in the last 6 months, have I talked with someone about my progress

12. in the last 12 months, have I had opportunities to learn and grow

Is your appraisal system that simple?  If not, perhaps you could consider why you’ve made it so complicated when something that seems to work would be so easy to work with.  Have you over-engineered and added bureaucracy to your resource management? How can you make it leaner and more effective?

This research seems most valuable when the Hay Group research for the UK government (report here http://bit.ly/d5riuU )  says value of employee engagement is 43% more revenue for their organisations.

Some useful guidance for employee engagement can be found here: http://bit.ly/cOWzUQ


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