Interim Management

The Financial Times today have given a very balanced view of Interim Managers   with comments from clients, the interim management providers (agencies that specialise in finding interim management talent) and some information about the Interim Management Association Institute.

My reading of what they have written is that good  interim managers:

  • build a career built working on solving other organisations’ problems
  • work in the organisations on short-term contracts
  • are adaptable to different organisational styles
  • are a safe pair of hands
  • have been blessed with experience
  • are committed to their own professional development

I hope that is what my client companies think of  the individuals and teams sent out by Three Triangles Performance. 

I’ve spent the last two months working with an organisation where the CEO made it plain that my reason for being there was the skills I had and his need to have someone available to support his team through something where they needed experience they didn’t yet have.

It was an investment I am sure paid off for them. I know they now have options and possible solutions they didn’t initially expect but I gather they think these are probably the right ones for them, and they can see a way forward.

Unlike having me as expensive but under-utilised full-time staff, they can have me there when they need me.  For me, it is most satisfying that I have a positive impact on the business rather than be an expensive letter opener or someone who makes educated suggestions. 

If I was there as a consultant, I’d be asking questions and giving advice about possible ways forward – working on the business. As an interim manager, I’m there as a practitioner actively solving problems and working in the business to show tangible results.  I am lucky that I can do and enjoy both with different clients.


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