Sometimes the little guy has the lasting impact

Ptolemy V was not a ruler of a great nation. In fact, he was such a minor player in his region that to reach the people who mattered to his reign, he had to write in three languages.  He was only 13 but he managed to get enough momentum behind him to maintain his throne and build a cult around him. When he died, the binding of his nation started to crumble further.

However, in the twentieth and twenty-first century he has had a much bigger impact than any of his bigger hitting peers because his communication needs.

Think about your organisation. Which small projects or more junior people are lynchpin, enable major programmes, or release benefits?  They exist in most organisation and effective portfolio management must recognise and enable these people.  These are the connectors who make things happen through their networks and in doing so lift the effectiveness of the portfolio.

And the reason Ptolemy V is so important? He commissioned the Rosetta Stone


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