Time for SMART OIL

I’m lucky enough to be able to do some pro bono work with some very special organisations. I learn from them as much as I am able to contribute.  That alone is why people should volunteer! This example shows that a volunteer project manager as a “sounding board” can shape a project for a better chance of success.

I was reviewing a project objective with a voluntary group. It was a “SMART” objective but bland and I was left feeling “so what?” The team were also feeling as if other projects were more important and this project’s work was drifting a little.

The charity’s manager, voluntary project lead and I talked through what the project was about. It was an amazing opportunity but the objective hadn’t told me that.

We rewrote the objective to go beyond SMART. When the team finished, it was both a definition of success and a vision to motivate themselves.

The objective was:
* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Relevant
* Time-bound

* Outcome focused
* Inspirational
* Loyalty inspiring

This “smart oil” is the lubricant to get the team engaged, the work focused and the management committed


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